Saturday, September 28, 2013

Invocation to the Muse

Come, Muse, let us dance.
Let us clasp hands and join ourselves
          body and soul.
Let us set the world weeping with our waltz
     let the intricacy of our movements
     birth universes in our wake.
Let us raise the dead
Let us give voice to the animals
Let us make known what is hidden
     and real what has never been imagined.

Come, Muse, let us embrace.
Let our passion set fire to the air
     and cast pornographic shadow puppets
     on the cave wall.
Let us split the world open in our ecstasy
     and bathe within its core
Let us fall back, exhausted,
     and rise
     to do it again.

Come, Muse, let us join.
Let us pray, heads bowed, crown to crown,
     me here, you there
     the point of connection between our worlds.
Let me give body to your dreams
Let you dream what is my reality.

Come, Muse,
Lend me your wings
     so that I might fly.
Come, Muse,
Let us dance,
          you and I.

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