Tuesday, December 16, 2008

1 - 8 December 2008

8 December

After writing assignment: What was interesting to me was that in order to get anywhere with this week’s assignment, I ended up drawing to the music, recording my impressions of it by tracing a pencil over paper (kind of stream of consciousness drawing, not trying to make an image, just lines). Giving the music form, however abstract, helped me find a way into the music so that I could then create a scene to go with it and figure out what kind of scene would have had to happen between the two pieces of music in order for one to become the other.

The cello piece was cohesive, large continuous swoops, joyous, playful, while the Lamentate was fractured, small islands that were disconnected from each other. Odd and interesting that I had to translate the music into another medium in order to find access to it.

1 December
What’s more important – the event truth or the emotional truth?

What’s a gem but compressed decay?

Using form as a way to show you know what the history you’re a part of is and using it as a critical approach, to comment on history.

2 December
This semester has been so full of new discoveries, new ways of thinking about what I’m writing and reading. I’m sad that it’s almost over, actually really is over. It’s been thrilling and exciting and my biggest worry is that I will close my notebook on this semester and never think like this again. Because that’s what usually happens. I want to stay awake to this. Yes, trust. Trust that what is meaningful will stay with me, will distill and become part of my blood and bones, as unnoticed as my beating heart.

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