Tuesday, December 16, 2008

8 - 15 December 2008

15 December
Ignoring the world is also a political statement. (heard on NPR from a slam poet)

13 December
Residency – an autobiography. Word tree of working notes from residency.

Take different genres (maybe 6) and create linked pieces based on that genre (like thrillers, fantasy, autobiography, romance, etc.)

11 December
Scream – the dinner is with a college friend she hasn’t seen in a long time - not a good friendship (think Scott – someone she always wanted to impress and never could, and doesn’t like very much). Her husband – “Tell me again, why are we doing this?”

Ideas for my residency - take seagull story and create visual text – use the story as the basis for other pieces – slice the text up, line by line, make a mobile out of it, diagram its sentences, work with hyperlinked text.

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