Monday, February 2, 2009

New Month, New Stuff

I start my residency at SF Recycling today.

Here's the link to the program's home page.

I am both tremendously excited and scared out of my wits. I keep seeing piles of junk but no art. It's sometimes both a blessing and a curse to have an active imagination. I can spin out 20 ways for me to fail faster than taking a breath. I know it'll all be fine, this is just pre-emptive jitters. Plus stress because it's going to be a very hectic semester.

I'll keep posting working notes as I go through the residency. My first main project is going to be working on this children's book and gathering stuff like a bower bird.

A few updates on my activities:

Choice is going well. I've got about 80% of the draft complete and it went to Alice before the weekend to start reading. I'll be talking to her tomorrow night. It's incredible how focused I can be on it right now - the story is flowing and nothing really breaks me out of it. I actually wrote yesterday while waiting for a play to start even though there were conversations going on all around me. I'm usually so distractable, but not right now, now when I'm working on Choice.

I read "All the Difference" at the Brisbane Artists Evening of Sharing on Saturday night. It got a great reception. I made people laugh! I got a couple of requests for copies of the story, but I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that since it's an unpublished story. What I'm probably going to do is record it and post it on dublit and send people the link so they can listen to it.

The spring semester has started and I'm triple-loaded this time. I'm nuts. I know it. I've told my family not to expect to see me much this semester. My goal is to take everything as it comes - no expectations, no getting bogged down in things that derail my focus on what it is I'm creating this semester (which is - a professional, working creative life), and to not drive my family nuts in the process. We'll see how it goes.

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