Friday, June 5, 2009

The Watermelon and the Airedale Regarded Each Other

The day the box arrived was a day like any other. Maggie watched her human carry it into the kitchen and begin to take things out of it. They were wonderful things with wonderful smells. Her human put some of them in the refrigerator and others in a basket on the counter. But she left a few things on the counter, and this is where Maggie decided that things WERE JUST NOT RIGHT.

It was a big, green something that look a bit like her ball, but it just was not RIGHT. Maggie barked at it, but it ignored her. She barked at it again, but it continued to ignore her. So she took matters into her own paws and decided to meet the intruder on its own turf.

The green ball began to move! It rolled off the counter and onto the floor.

Maggie retreated to a safe distance and considered the green ball on the floor. She barked at it again. It ignored her. She decided to investigate it further.

She licked it and it rolled away!

Hey! That's not right, Maggie thought. This green ball is dangerous and must be barked at with great enthusiasm. She barked and whined and finally her human came and picked the green ball off the floor. Then, to teach the green ball a lesson, her human picked up a knife and sliced it in half. Then she gave Maggie a piece and it was delicious.

The next time that box comes into her house, Maggie will be ready. Especially since she knows the peaches were up to something, too.

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