Thursday, May 28, 2009

Parting Shots

Cleaned out the container yesterday and turned in my keys.

Almost what it looked like four months ago. I left the dressmaker's dummy because the next student artist may like it - they're dead useful and wonderful just to have around when you don't want to feel alone.

Here's a shot of my beloved work boots:

I wish I had a shot of them when they were brand new and shiny. They were fairly expensive but worth every penny - I stepped right on a nail one day and only realized it when I heard a clicking while I walked. Steel-shanked and steel-toed and yet, strangely comfortable.

So now I am back home and slowly limping my way back into writer mode.

I printed off Choice this morning so I can start concentrating on it again, and had this awful moment when I could not remember what changes I had made and in which draft when I got it ready to send off to the agent. I was moving so quickly, doing so much, that a lot of the actual actions are a blur in my memory. I finally ended up pasting the agent pages into the first draft and saving the whole thing as a new document - revision one. It's now sitting on my desk staring at me intently. Don't ask me how a pile of paper can stare intently, just believe me that it can.

My office is now a blend of chaotic scavenged things and orderly writer things - it's a little like living inside Jekyll/Hyde's mind, I think. And it smells a bit funky at the moment. But...there is also wonderful art on the walls, pieces that I made that make me quite happy to see them in my personal space. More will appear around our house in the next weeks.

My grades are coming in from the spring semester - my 4.0 lives on, amazingly enough. I got an A in the workshop, which, I feel, wasn't really earned. It really should have been a B+ as far as I'm concerned because I didn't put in nearly the kind of effort I usually do. But...I am happy my GPA in still a lovely 4.0. It's not that I am so hung up on the grade, but it is nice to know that I am capable of this level of work.

Anyway...back to Choice. It's glowering now.

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