Monday, May 4, 2009

Into the home stretch now.

I wrote up my list of artworks for the show, titles, materials used, and prices. I was a bit amazed to see that I have 18 pieces for the show (this does not count that 1 piece has 25 separate pieces to it) plus the installation. No wonder I'm so tired.

Even as I was putting the list together and talking to Deborah (the program coordinator) about the timeline for the next two weeks, I was working on one last piece. I swear, I have a version of OCD - I can't stop making art. I put "The Measure" together today, stained the boxes for "Give Me A Reason" and "Naming Names" (plus cut strips of paper for them), and then started this last piece which is another mask piece with the mask covered in strips of text for the myth of Prometheus. I'm pretty happy with the result. All in all, I think the show will look great.

The timeline for the next two weeks is basically finish up everything this week and then hang the show Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Be finished hanging by Wednesday.

Thankfully, I'm done with my classwork for the semester, so I can concentrate on the show full time for the next two weeks. And then it happens. And then it will be over, I will collapse for a day or two, and then be back at work on Choice, getting it in shape to start looking for an agent. Writing. Oh, yes, writing. That will be nice. I think I remember what writing is...

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