Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Awesome day at the dump today. The show is looking amazing. I mean, I've been living with this stuff for several months now, but it looks totally different hanging in a gallery. It's so strange how different it looks on the wall. I am thrilled. And the synergy that gets created as pieces hang together - like the ribbon pieces, all of a sudden there's a conversation going on between them that wasn't happening before. We are making decisions about where to put things that are totally unexpected and unplanned and based on space rather than aesthetics and then realizing that the pieces work so well there they couldn't go anywhere else.

Here's what the layout for the abecedary poem looks like:

We'll be putting the objects on the books tomorrow, but it looks so impressive just as is, I love it!

Unfortunately, I got so caught up in the actually installation of everything, that I forgot to take many pictures. There will be more tomorrow, I promise, when I can show you what the gallery space looks like ready to go.

I did get this awesome picture of SF Recycling and Disposal, Inc's seagull abatement department's chief enforcement officer - she's a Harris hawk and has been perching just outside my container for about a month now when she takes breaks. She's very effective at her job, the seagull population has definitely declined since she' been hanging out at the dump. Every now and then while I'm working, I'll hear this piercing hawk screech, it's awesome. I love raptors. I think they are the most beautiful and amazing birds. I have loved sharing my space with them (though I make sure to give them their space - even though they're tethered, they don't like people coming too close and let you know it).

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