Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The after-show glow continues.

I've been asked if I would like to show some of the Party Girl pieces at the Brisbane City Hall gallery in the fall. To which I have said yes, of course, and thank you.

I've had a couple of days with nothing to do, which has been lovely. I have read a book for no other reason than that I wanted to read it (Neil Gaiman's illustrated version of Stardust. Beautiful, though I kind of prefer the movie which, in some places, has very little to do with Neil's story - as he says, "I'm pretty sure I didn't write a can-can dancing cross-dressing pirate captain.").

I went to a staged reading of a friend's play last night. It was marvelous and wonderful and I am still pondering some of what she created. I love the playwrights in my program at State - they are such talented writers they blow me away.

Here is a clip from another one of Evy's plays:

So...it's been a good couple of days. Tomorrow, back to work. Time to start taking down the show and clearing out the container for the next student artist-in-residence.

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