Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I sat in the container today, just sat there, for several minutes letting myself absorb what I've experienced over the past four months. So I just sat in the middle of all the artwork I've created since February thinking how I completed almost every piece I thought of and they turned out better than I expected. It's been incredible to go to this place three or four times a week, be in the disposal area, finding the most amazing things (today, I found a wonderfully gaudy bathroom fixture, several old school maps - those kind that are made of canvas and have wooden rollers on the ends - and several wooden "inbox" boxes - which are just prefect to use for art boxes. I passed on the pseudo-old fashioned gumball machine even though I know my kids would have loved it). But I am glad my time there is almost over and I can get back to my writing. Words. It will be nice to submerge myself in words again.

So here are the last of the individual pieces in their finished form.

"The Gift of Fire"

"The Measure"

"Give Me a Reason"

"Naming Names"

a portion of "Now I Know My ABCs"

Since I've included lots of pictures of the abecedary poem, I won't give you all of it again, but I'll say I'm quite pleased with how it came out. I now have rhymes and objects for every letter of the alphabet and it hangs together with something of a story.

So now I will be concentrating on getting the installation put together and next week we begin hanging the show and time!

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