Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The show is hung!!!!!!!

We finished this afternoon around 2:30. There are a few odds and ends to finish up and I need to finish a few details on the installation in the container, but it is done. My friend and I will be back tomorrow afternoon so she can photograph the show - in addition to her wonderful talents as a show designer and generosity in giving me so much of her time this week, she is also a gifted photographer and makes her living doing fashion shoots.

Here are some of my amateur shots of the show:

View of the entire gallery space

Love is a Thing, A Simple Thing, and Naming Names on the center pedestals

Meditation on Color

The Gift of Fire (plus a text explanation of the sestina form that goes with Meditation on Color)

The Measure

Hanging - Flame, Woven Sunset, and Fig Leaf
Table (which I made) with Give Me a Reason, and Passing Time on the glass table (which I did not make)

And Finally:

Now I Know My ABC's
(which makes me laugh because there's something so obsessive about this piece)

I can not believe how amazing it looks. The oddest thing to me is seeing these objects I have been living with for the past several months hung on the wall. It places me in such a different relationship to them. I don't know if I can adequately explain how this feels because I did not expect this. It is very different than the feeling I get with my writing. I maintain the same relationship to what I write. No matter what form it takes, I still feel like I am the creator of those words. Standing in the gallery, I almost have the feeling of not being the creator of the work - I have become the viewer. It's very strange and I'm trying to work out why there is such a difference.

I'm sure I will write about this some more, but for right now, I am just so happy. I feel relaxed for the first time in months - I have accomplished something and in two nights, I will get to see how people respond to my work. I can't wait.

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