Saturday, May 2, 2009

Being "lazy" today (in quotes because "lazy" means spending the morning at an organizational retreat that I put together, then going to Costco), but lazy means that I'm not working on anything for the art show today, which may come back to bite me, but, whatever...

I've been working on some pieces at home. I've pretty much finished up the abecedary poem - filled in most of the blanks. I just have to figure out something for 'U' and something for 'Z' - other than that, it's really solid and holding together well.

Here are a couple of pics - 2 new pieces that I'm working on:

This one is "Give Me A Reason"

And this is "Naming Names"

Both will be interactive with strips of paper on which people can write a reason or a name and then put it in the cup.

(And you can see my very messy work desk behind the pieces as well)

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