Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The embryonic text for Party Girl got critiqued last night in my fiction workshop. I'm very happy with the reception it got. Overall, I'm getting great response from people who have seen what I'm doing with the residency, which is very, very gratifying. This has been such an amazing experience, and I'm thrilled with the work I've produced while I've been at the dump.

Yesterday, I got the postcards for my show (yeah!). They look great.

I also started a new piece - of course. I seem to have some sort of compulsive disorder and can't stop making art. I suppose there are worse things to be compulsive about.

Here are some new pics of the new work in progress:

And here is another shot of the table top. Because I love it so much and wanted to show the gorgeous color of the surface.

I took this pic from above prior to attaching the table top to the base. I was standing on these cement berms that are stored next to my container and the weird thing was, when I got on top of them, there's all this broken glass up there - a broken china bowl, windshield glass, mirrors, regular glass. It was strange and I'm not sure how all this glass has ended up there.

well, on with the day.

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