Saturday, April 25, 2009

Went to the container this morning, did a bit of work, bit of gathering - really great stuff coming in - like an old Underwood typewriter (I've been waiting for one of them for awhile, but it's not in usable condition), an old sewing machine (second one of those that's come in) and another old phone (I love old phones), plus a bag of small lightbulbs (I'll figure out something to do with them) and some beautiful star ornaments.

I puttered mostly, though. Rearranged the space so I could work in it again, but there's not really anything to do. So I've decided to take the weekend off. I realized earlier this week that I haven't had a weekend off since the beginning of February. So...I'm resting, relaxing, spending time with the family and will get back to work on Monday. Whew.

I did, however, in the course of puttering, end up making a gorgeous table out of that piece of wood I said reminded me of an alter. I'd been planning something completely different, but decided to try staining it today and it came out amazingly beautiful. Then, going into the disposal area, I found a table base, and, tada! Instant table.

Now the big question is: do I keep it (I can totally see myself using this as my writing desk and was already envisioning where it will fit in my home studio space) or do I want it to go into the show and possibly be sold (which also has an appeal -

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