Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Still working on getting the books prepped for the abecedary poem. I've only got three books left. Yeah. And I got the fork piece put together today. Also a yeah. This gives me about a dozen pieces for the show not counting the poem. Which feels like a nice amount.

Today I started cleaning out the container, taking things back that I don't need and won't need and don't think would interest anyone for my give-away pile. Most of it is pieces of wood - like all the pieces I thought I would be using as platforms for the poem. I'm going to start cleaning out more and taking stuff home on Friday, making space for the Party Girl installation in the container. I want to get that laid out soon so I can start working on the text. Had some good ideas today.

One thing that occured to me as I was working on the books and putting things in the cart to take away from the container was the idea of jo ha ku. One of my professors introduced me to this concept - it corresponds to roughly the beginning middle and end, but has a deeper meaning than just being a placeholder - it's about the type of energy in each movement and a complete movement having a jo ha and ku. The jo is the beginning, the introduction of the movement. The ha is the scatter, what happens as the themes become more complex, begin to interweave and, sometimes, become chaotic. The ku is where the scatter begins to complete, come back together. But each ku also contains the seeds of the next jo. The movement doesn't just end, it gives a little push into the moment that succeeds it.

As I started cleaning, I realized I have moved into the ku of my residency. The ha, that scatter (and there was a LOT of scatter) occurred in March, with the chaotic tumult of ideas that erupted from all the stuff. Moving into the ku, there is a pulling together of those ideas, those threads that began back in February. It's not just about finishing the pieces, but preparing for the show (one jo) and the work I will do after the residency is over (another jo), the seeds of which are contained in the sorting and preparations I am doing and making now.

More pictures soon. I keep forgetting to bring my camera with me.

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