Sunday, April 5, 2009

Today was one of those twitchy "Why bother?" kind of days. I was so frustrated by not being able to get a couple of pieces done the way I want to, by forgetting, ONCE AGAIN, to bring something I needed from home and feeling this continuing sense of being scattered, by the challenges of needing a particular thing to show up and it not arriving.

I'd been thinking about taking all of Party Girl's furniture out of the container so I can put the installation together and take pictures and start working on the Party Girl narrative, but it was really warm in the container today, so I didn't feel like moving furniture. And then there was barely anything coming in today - it was so quiet, it felt very strange being there. I spent about an hour just moving stuff around in the container, clearing surfaces off and straightening (sort of), but mostly being disgruntled and completely stressed out that I'm going to have bare walls for my show.

Then I decided to work on another ribbon piece - I'd been intending to go back and do another one, but hadn't been getting to it. So I picked up a piece of gold fabric and ripped it into ribbons and cut up some silver metallic ribbon and started tying knots again. It's looking quite nice, though it's not finished.

While I was working on it, I realized that so much of art depends on just moving forward. Finding that loose thread you can start pulling and following it even though it might not seem interesting to begin with. And just doing it despite feeling like everything you're doing is crap.

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