Saturday, April 4, 2009

I am in that frantic, uncomfortable space where I've got too much to do, too many small, fiddly little things to take care of in too many disparate areas to feel cohesive. I am constantly feeling the shock of "I forgot to do [fill in the blank]" and moving from one thing to the next with no plan or ability to see how it all fits together. It's difficult to even breathe when I'm in this space. Which is, of course, the exact thing I need to remember to do. Breathe. Take a step forward. Breathe. Take another step.

I suppose it's the monkeys again, acting up. They've been very quiet over the past couple of months. I think I've been moving too fast for them to catch up to me, but I think they've found me this week.

The main problem I'm having at the moment, is not being able to figure out how to create something the way I want to for the residency. Along with the fact that I have to put Party Girl's narrative down on paper. I've had several ideas of what to do with the installation piece, but it's difficult to visualize the space (see previous photos of the container) and that makes it difficult for me to think about how to construct the narrative. I'm sure it will all come together. Hm. Maybe I should take all the pieces and put them in the space behind my container and sit with it actually laid out for awhile - be able to get an idea of what I've got and what I'm going to do with everything. Hm. That might be a very, very good idea. And then I can take pictures of it and start putting the narrative together. Okay, that seems to be a way to do what I need to do - I can probably do it tomorrow since the parking area is closed off. I won't have to worry about Party Girl's furniture getting busted up. Okay. Cool. One problem solved.

The other problem is thornier - trying to get text onto the objects in a way that looks visually cohesive. I'll figure it out - but there's also that lovely problem of logistics that I have with sometimes having part of a piece at home and part at the container. "Seven" is like that right now - part of it is at home and part at the container and I think it's something I need to work on at home. I just have to remember to bring all the parts with me when I leave tomorrow.

I'm also stressing about the abecedary poem - about how to present the objects. That's proving to be a bit difficult for some of the same reasons as the Party Girl narrative. It's a big piece and I need to have a space to lay everything out in order to see what I've got and how it's going to be best to present it. I'll have to figure something out, though, because I've only got three weeks to get it done.

So...I was doing fine about breathing until that last moment there. Breathe. Step forward. Breathe. Throw monkey chow on the floor and run like heck.

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