Friday, April 10, 2009

More pictures from the container:

This is a better picture of the 7 sins piece. I really like it. I like the concept and I like the way it looks.

This is another ribbon piece. In the photos it looks like a dragon. It doesn't quite look like that in real life.

This is my test book for the abecedary poem. And here's one of an encyclopedia book being turned into a shelf.

This is a rather slow process - more than just a little boring. Each book needs to be cleaned, the covers glued to the next page, clamped, and the sides coated with wood glue. The clamps need to stay on until the glue sets, which means there's several minutes between each book. I'm about halfway through the set at this point. And today I decided to stain the paper so they look older and more solid, which adds another step. But when it's all done, I think it will look fantastic.

I realize that I am posting mostly about the residency project and that's becuase my attention has gone increasinly to this project as I get near the end of it - I'm not doing that much gathering at this point, although I do go each day that I'm there. I'm not driven to go find as much stuff, mainly because I have more than enough to do what I want to do - It's going to be a good show. I can't wait to see it up and then to experience people's experience of it. That is going to be odd - it's an experience of my work that I've never had before, so I'm looking forward to being in that space and seeing what reactions my work gets. Three more weeks of creating and then it's all organization.

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