Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Exodus Begins

I have started clearing out the container! Today seemed to be the day to do it for some reason. I've pretty much cleared out the things I've collected but will not use - like the wood (although there are a couple of pieces I just couldn't let go of, for some reason, so I "recollected" them) and the "distressed" chair that has been living under my work table since the first week.

To me, it seemed as if the chair was screaming in pain, but I was never sure if that thought would carry through if I just presented the chair lying on the floor, so I reluctantly bid it fair well today.

I am also shifting production to home so that I can have space in the container to work on the installation piece over the next couple of weeks. My goal is to finish all the individual pieces up by the end of the month and have the remaining time to polish up the installation. Here's what my car looked like today:

The strangest thing is feeling as if I have breathing space in the container now that it's emptying out. It's strange because when I started the residency, the emptiness of the container felt lonely. Now the emptiness feels freeing.

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