Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Figured out the perfect solution for the abecedary poem last night - I found an almost-complete encyclopedia set over the weekend (it's missing volume 5). The books make the perfect platform for the objects. I can't believe how perfect they are. Amazing really.

I'm not one of those writers who feels the book is a sacred object. I know writers who won't even write in a book because they feel it defiles the integrity of what the author wrote. So I'm not adverse to ripping a book up, cutting it up to make an altered book artwork or even destroying the book, pulping the paper, and making something out of it. All of which I've done in the past few months. The book itself is just a thing. I'm more inclined to consider that the ideas books contain are the sacred object even though they are intangible.

So I began preparing the books today. I also did another piece that has been giving me a bit of trouble - the 7 sins piece. Here's an image - it's from my phone so it's going to be a little small.

The lists are on slate tiles. It looks really wonderful. It's one of those pieces I'd like to keep, actually. I love the idea of how the 7 Deadly Sins have become our contemporary virtues and the 7 Virtues have become our contemporary sins.

Anyway...still nothing back from the agent, which is possibly a good thing. I know she received the submission, but now it's the waiting game of "is it taking a while because she's thinking about it" or "is it taking a while because she's really busy." And reminding myself to just get on with life and work - keep writing and moving forward. One foot in front of the other. One word following the next.

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