Monday, April 20, 2009

More photos from the container:

This is the last of the ribbon pieces I'll be doing. At least I think so - I still have one wire frame left and a whooooollllleeeee lotta ribbon, but probably because I have to turn my attention to other things.

I'm calling this one "Fig Leaf."

I laid out the items for the abecedary poem today to see where I still have gaps and think about what items I can put in those gaps.

This shows (front):
A is for angels in a holy night
B is for blue glass bowl broken in spite

E is for everyone standing in this room
F is for faces turning away to soon
(both of these letters use the split mirror)
G is for goodness nipped in the bud

C is for crutches that keep you standing up right
D is for doorknobs that close rooms off from sight

H is for hope washed away in the flood
I is for the ice cream you eat to forget

J is for the junk you no longer regret (which doesn't have any items yet)
K is for keys with no doors to unlock
M is for man (no rhyme yet)

N is for needles that piece through your skin
O (no idea yet)
P is for pennies (no rhyme yet)
Q (no idea yet)
R is for rings (no rhyme yet)

S is for salt rubbed into your wounds
T is for time running away too soon

U (no idea yet)
V is for vase (no rhyme)
W is for welcome (no rhyme)
X (no idea yet)
Y is for yardstick that measures your worth
Z (no idea yet)

And that's the poem.

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