Friday, March 27, 2009

Here are some photos of the work I've been doing for my residency.

I think this may become my favorite piece. The book is actually falling apart, turning into the most amazing, velvety feeling dust. Part of what I'm looking for with this piece is watching the disintegration that occurs every time the piece gets moved.

A little box piece where I was playing with image transfers. You can't see the image on the right too well, but it's a man (actually Teddy Roosevelt)

My first week, I found the most amazing box of ribbon. The first piece I created, the one that will be on the postcard, came out of that box as did this one. I love the colors of the ribbon in this piece. I made a mistake with the hanging, I need to put the metal pieces on top of the wood, not behind it, in order for it to hang correctly, but that's not a big deal.

So I'm into the home stretch here. One more month of making art and then it all has to stop to put the show up. The show will be called "The Demise of Party Girl and Other Stories." I'm getting very excited.

I had a slight moment of panic about how all this will get done - the novel, the show, and my course work (not to mention my family) and then realized - HANG THE SCHOOL WORK. I am being a working artist here. The 4.0 average I've got right now is nice, but dang, I'm not going to short-change the REAL work just to keep my GPA. I realized that was just crazy talk and having my priorities in the exact WRONG place. Now that I've got my head on straight, I feel much better. Hang the 4.0 if it comes to that. I won't fail my classes. I know that.


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