Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's been a busy and exciting week so far. It's a strange thing when you are standing in the moment that could be a major turning point in your life or it could be just another moment.

I queried the agent yesterday and got a request for the first 100 pages. Which meant that I needed to do some quick revisions to make sure some things were in the novel in those first 100 pages that I realized in the final 100 pages, like Matt's step dad being African American. Okay. Got that done. Read through it this morning and just sent it off. So...fingers crossed, this will be a turning point, not just another moment.

And, I suppose, whatever the outcome, it is a turning point. It's the moment of realizing I'm a professional fiction writer. I'm at that point where I can claim that description. No matter what the outcome of this particular contact, this is the reality of who I am from now on.

I'm going to go hyperventilate now.

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